Adéla Rudá

I help you to build healthy relationships,
both with yourself and others.

About Me

I am psychologist, gestalt therapist and coach.

I help people to build a positive relationship to themselves. In therapeutic process we look for self-love and ability to support ourselves. I personally believe that a healthy relationship to ourselves is the root for building fulfilling relationships with others. Our cooperation pursues these two goals, which I consider to be the essence of life satisfaction.

  • Private practice, psychoterapy and coaching
  • Psychologist in healthcare (psychiatric clinic)
  • Psychologist to security forces (Czech National Police and Czech Customs Administration)
  • Department of Psychology at Faculty of Arts, Charles University in Prague - M.A. degree
  • Accredited Psychotherapy Training in Gestalt Therapy, IVGT Praha (finished 5th year, final exam - June 2022)
  • Accredited Gestalt Coaching Program, Gestalt Essence
  • Crisis Intervention Training, Déčko Liberec, z.s.
  • Mindfulness Training,

How I work

As a gestalt therapist, I follow the topics and needs the client brings to each session. I work with what is here and now.
My role is to be a guide who asks questions to help raise awareness and asks in a way that allows a client to find a different perspective.
Sessions don´t have a given structure. We create it together with the help of dialogue and experiments.

Topics we discuss the most:
Relationship to Oneself
  • feelings of failure, low self-confidence and self-worth
  • remorse and self-blame
  • relationship issues - not just between partners, but also within a family, at work or among friends,
  • feelings of loneliness, lack of relationships and closeness
General Dissatisfaction
  • feeling of discontent in life, stress and frustration
  • searching for a new direction and life goals
  • important life decisions
Life Demands
  • coping with difficult life situations
  • pressure to perform, perfectionism
  • burn-out syndrome
Mental difficulties
  • anxiety and depression
  • traumatic experience

Gestalt Therapy

My work is based on the principles of Gestalt Therapy.

Main principle of Gestalt approach is to focus on "here and now". It emphasizes our current awareness and experience of the present moment. So it works with the past and the future from the position of the current situation as we experience it here and now.

The basis of Gestalt therapy is therapeutical relationship, which is developed by mutual dialogue, it emphasizes contact and authenticity.

Gestalt approach is based on fenomenology. It supposes that inner experiencing of each of us is unique and subjective. The therapist acknowledges it and offers feed back rather than interpretation.

The goal of Gestalt therapy is to enhance our awareness. It assumes that we can only deal with what we can be aware of. It takes advantage of experiments and creative techniques to enhance awareness and growth.

Gestalt and Me

Principles of Gestalt therapy fit my values and life style. As a therapist I can be authentic in what I do and say in my work.

I strive not to judge others, but understand. Not only their actions but above all their experience. The ability to imagine "walking in someone else´s shoes" leads me to respect and understanding.

My strength is not in consistent planning and structuring. What is natural to me is to accept new situations with interest and the belief that I can solve them creatively.

I am practical and pragmatic in my life. I support learning through experience.

Cost of
Individual Psychotherapy

session length
50 minutes

1200 CZK

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session length
80 minutes

1600 CZK

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Conditions of Cooperation

The First Session

The goal of the first session is to discuss and define your therapeutic contract.

We will try to adjust your expectations from the outcome and process of therapy with how I work and what I can offer you.

Length and Frequency

Therapeutic work usually lasts several months, however I have been working with many clients for several years.

Sessions take place once per one or two weeks.

In Person or Online

You can meet me in person in Prague or in Dobřichovice. I also offer online sessions (via zoom or skype), in the long run or as a one-time replacement for a personal meeting.

In Czech or English

We can work together in Czech or in English.


It is possible to pay in cash or by issuing an invoice. You can pay for each session individually or you can subscribe to a "package".

Cancellation 24 Hours in Advance

Free cancellation of the session is possible at least 24 hours in advance (by phone or email). Otherwise, it is fully paid by the client.

I don´t cooperate with health insurance companies

Therapy is not covered by health insurance companies. My services are not a substitute for medical care. I do not record any medical documentation.


One of the guiding principles in therapy is to maintain confidentiality. I consider all information about you as confidential.

Ethics and Supervision

In my work I adhere to the Ethical Code of the European Association for Psychotherapy.

I work under professional supervision to ensure a safe and professional approach for my clients.


Mgr. Adéla Rudá


tel: +420 730 688 951

IČ: 07045638

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At the moment I only work with clients online.