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photo by betty_dire

I graduated from Psychology at the Faculty of Arts at Charles University in Prague. My professional practice so far consisted of dealing with psychology of work and security forces for several years, then briefly psychology within educational environment, and currently I am entrenched in health care environment, where I provide both individual and group therapy.   

Out of the many psychotherapeutic approaches, I personally prefer Gestalt therapy. I have been using elements of Gestalt therapy throughout my whole practice. I completed a Gestalt Coaching Program. Currently I am participating in a systematic psychotherapeutic training in this area. 

I am otherwise interested in active lifestyle and dancing, the rest of my free time I tend to spend in the mountains or immersed in books.



  • Department of Psychology at Faculty of Arts, Charles University in Prague - M.A. degree
  • Accredited Gestalt Coaching Program, Gestalt Essence
  • Systematic psychotherapeutic training in Gestalt therapy, IVGT Prague (in progress)


  • Psychologist to security forces (Czech National Police and Czech Customs Administration)
  • Psychologist in healthcare
  • Gestalt therapist (in training)


I help my clients to work on their self-development in the form of coaching or psychotherapy. These two approaches do to a certain extent overlap, and the boundaries between them are often blurred. Nevertheless it is good to be aware of the differences between them. A short presentation of both methods is being offered in the respective sections. 


Both coaches and psychotherapists use bits of various psychological approaches in their practice. I work in accordance with Gestalt approach in both cases. Its main principles are:

  • Focus on the "here and now" work - we experience both the past and the future in the present moment. We look at what used to be or what is yet to come from the perspective of the current situation, perception, experience.
  • Emphasis on mutual dialogue - the coach / therapist initiates the contact with the client, emphasizing authenticity and dialogue.
  • Respect for inner experience - the way we experience and perceive things is unique for each of us. The coach / therapist recognizes the client's subjective perception of the given situation, their task is to provide feedback, not interpretation.

Do you have any questions?

In case you have any questions or are not sure which approach might be more suitable for you, you can contact me via email. The right set up of our cooperation will also be the subject of our first meeting. It can also happen, that both approaches will eventually merge, maybe we will start with coaching and later we decide to turn to psychotherapy or the other way round.


Psychotherapy is a process designed to reduce mental discomfort. It is a long-term cooperation based on a confidential dialogue and relationship between the therapist and the client. 

Psychotherapy, as opposed to coaching, deals with deeper based issues and also the achieved change is more complex. The clients do not reach out to the therapist with a specific goal in mind, but rather with an area of problematic issues that represent a source of discomfort for them. The aim of psychotherapy is to identify the root causes of these issues and to eliminate them gradually, so that the clients can be free from their past and focus on the present. The psychotherapeutic space is not meant for the client to get evaluation, definition of good or bad or receive advice. 

I apply Gestalt approach and put emphasis on the authentic meetings and dialogue between the therapist and the client. I make effort to learn and understand the client's perception and behavioral patterns, which might be related to their life situation.

This way of cooperation aims at self-acceptance and self-development. To me, my clients are my equal partners in dialogue, I respect their vision of the world and themselves and help them find their better and happier selves.



When a client comes to me for the first time, we focus on their current life situation and the (mostly) negative feelings that are associated with it. We try to look at the situation from diverse point of views, map it and find the point where the client stands in all this and what are the associated feelings and needs. This process then establishes the main theme of our cooperation, which we continue to work on and develop.

Some of the most common topics my clients come to discuss are: 

  • coping with difficult life situations,
  • relationship issues - not just between partners, but also within a family, at work or among friends,
  • feelings of low self-confidence and self-worth,
  • feeling of discontent in life; stress and frustration,
  • searching for a new direction and life goals.

Each of us encounters some issues, obstacles or challenges of various kinds in our lives. Therefore, I do not think there is a topic you could not come up to me with. 

In case we come across a topic that needs a different type of guidance, I will help you find an expert in the given field.


At the introductory session we will touch on the topic you are coming up with, we will also have the opportunity to discuss the details of our future cooperation and see if we “click”. At the beginning, we will arrange a smaller number of sessions (about five), after which we decide whether and how to proceed.

Sessions take place once per week or two and each last for 50 minutes.

The price of one session is 800 CZK. 

The sessions can take place in person or online, either in Czech or in English. 

In my work I adhere to the Ethical Code of the European Association for Psychotherapy. One of the rules is to maintain confidentiality.
I work under a professional supervision. The supervision takes place as a part of my systematic training in Gestalt therapy.


Coaching is, compared to therapy, usually covered by a shorter set of sessinos between the coach and the coachee, which is directed towards a specific pre-set goal. Coaching is more suitable for those who do not primarily need to deal with past events, those who focus on the present and have enough energy and motivation to move on with their life.

In cooperation with clients we create a process that supports their personal growth and helps them to make better use of their potential. I support clients in searching for new solutions or making life changes, in setting and achieving their goals. I use elements of Gestalt therapy in coaching. I strive to establish a balanced contact with my clients and, through precisely-formulated and targeted questions, I accompany them on their journey to their goal.



Coaching can be beneficial to you in many areas of your life. Overall, it leads to a better self-understanding and greater self-confidence. My focus is mainly on the areas related to personal life, relationships, lifestyle and work-life balance.


Thanks to coaching you can:

  • realize more clearly what you really want, as well as how and why,
  • get support in searching for solutions and making decisions,
  • replace the old way of dealing with things with a new, more suitable one,
  • keep reaching your goals in spite of any obstacles.


During the introductory session, together we set up a goal you want to achieve during the coaching. We will work on it within our future sessions. We will also arrange the expected number of sessions, usually around 5 to 10. Eventually, we will look at the results we have achieved and review the cooperation.

The sessions take place once per two or three weeks and each lasts for 50 minutes.

The price of one session is 1000 CZK.

The sessions can take place in person or online, either in Czech or in English. 

I work under a professional supervision. I adhere to the International Coach Federation (ICF) Code of Ethics, which includes the guarantee of confidentiality.


You can use phone, email or contact form.


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